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Meet the Maker

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Hello and welcome to Farm Girl Fibers! I have been wanting to start blogging about crafting for sometime now. I have several ideas to get started, but thought I should start with an introduction first.

My name is Shauna and I am the dyer behind all the yarns you see here. I live with my husband and son on our family farm in Alpine, TN. It is a very rural community in the mountains of Middle TN. Growing up, I always loved going with my grandpa when he was working on his farm, and I guess I never grew out of my love of farm life.

So I will get on with the crafty stuff!

How did you get interested in crafts?

I have always been interested in any type of crafting. One of my grandmothers taught me to cross stitch at some point, no idea how old I was. Another grandma was always sewing and quilting. She also did lots of crafts with my sister and I. She was always making something and learning new stuff (just like all of us, right?). And I had a great-grandma that made all sorts of clothing and quilts. She was the one who made all of our Halloween costumes.

So I have always wanted to make things and learn new skills.

Why did you decide to start knitting?

After many years of doing lots of different crafts, I decided suddenly that I wanted to learn to knit. When I was a teen my mom tried to teach me crochet but I just didn't really like it so did not keep on with that. It wasn't until 2008 that I looked up videos on YouTube and taught myself to knit. I loved the look of the knitted fabric and the action of knitting was really relaxing to me.

First projects?

For many years I only knit small items like hats and earwarmers using bulky weight yarns. Then during the winter of 2016 I stumbled across a blog post by Attic24. She posted about learning how to knit socks. My mind was blown! Could it actually be possible? So I got the tiny needles and sock yarn. Used tutorials online, joined the Winwick Mum Sock-a-long group on FB, and watched The Knitting Expat tutorials on YouTube. And I was immediately hooked! I went from socks to shawls and then my first cardigan in a matter of a few months.

Favorite Knitted Items?

Some of my favorite items that I have made are my Campside Cardi, No Frills sweater, All About Brioche shawl, Love Your Stash shawl, and many vanilla socks.

Why Did You Start Dyeing Yarn?

Soon after learning to knit socks, I discovered that hand dyed yarn was a thing. I think the first skein of hand dyed yarn I ever purchased was from Woolfiend. And probably the second was from Bad Wolf Girl Studios. They both have awesome colorways and are super nice. But like always, I was curious and wanted to learn something else. I was really scared of messing up the yarn, but finally decided that if I could do Chemistry labs in college and teach Chemistry, then a little yarn and dye shouldn't be too hard. I ordered the supplies and got started. The first project I dyed yarn for was the Find Your Fade shawl. I still love the colors I got for that shawl.

Anything you'd like to tell beginners?

Just go for it! It seems that people are afraid of messing up. Well, no matter what you do there will be times you mess up. That's just life. I have ripped out so many projects and it is really fine. Just have fun with it and enjoy the learning part of the process. And with knitting, crochet, or sewing there will always be new things to learn.

Other Things You Like?

I have always loved horses. Started riding horses when I was 10. We have some horses now but I don't get to ride a lot. I also enjoy sewing clothing and sometimes make quilts. We have an outdoor area where we like to grill out and have campfires when the weather permits (when its not boiling hot). We do a lot of stuff on the farm and it is fun to hang out together on the farm.

During winter, my grandma sometimes has a puzzle set up at her house and my sister and I love putting together puzzles. This year I did learn to weave and purchased a rigid heddle loom. And I have been drop spinning for a year now. That has been so much fun and I love seeing how the colors of the fiber look in the final product.


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