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Edgar Allen Poe Halloween Countdown Set

Edgar Allen Poe Halloween Countdown Set

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This listing is for a HALLOWEEN Countdown set. It will include 13 - 20g mini skeins. The colors will all be different each day. They will be inspired by the poems and stories of Edgar Allen Poe. So think gothic and dark, but there will be pops of bright colors. Each mini will be in a separate bag or wrapped so that they will be surprise each day.

This year I teamed up with Lindsay of Simply Serving. She makes amazing stitch markers and other goodies. She designed a really awesome wooden charm to go with the Edear Allen Poe theme for this countdown set.

Shipping is not included in price.

The colors will be varied. There may be variegated, speckled, tonals, or any combination of those in this kit. The colors will not fade. The colors will not be all traditional Halloween colors - there's only so much you can do with orange, black, and purple. The colors will be a surprise to me as well because I have not dyed any of them yet. You can look around at other listings to get a feel of my dye style. The colors may include brights, darks, and any shade in between. I want you to have a nice and new surprise each day when you open the mini skein.

Countdowns will ship sometime mid-late September. They will be priority mail, so you will have them in plenty of time to start opening on October 19, 2022.

Shipping cost is not included in the price for this listing. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER ADDITIONAL ITEMS AT THE SAME TIME AS THIS WILL DELAY SHIPMENT OF YOUR ITEMS. If you find something else you love, then please make a separate order, this really helps me keep track of everything better.

Yarn base used will be my Clover Fingering Weight

85% sw merino/15% nylon

Some of the minis will be on my new Stardust yarn base that is sparkly.

75% sw merino/15% nylon/10% silver stellina

Each skein will be 20g/87 yds each for a total of 260g/1,131yds